People at Trueline are passionate about life and curious about its details. We believe that every company has a story to tell — old, new, growing, struggling, ordinary, unique — and we dedicate ourselves to helping them tell that story in an effective, meaningful, and beautiful way. Working at Trueline means helping hundreds of companies and executives across the nation do just that.

We are a B2B branding, marketing and consulting business with roots in the heart of Portland, Maine. We are best known for our industry-specific publications and have a knack for helping businesses shape a narrative. As recipients of the “Best Places to Work in ME” award from 2016 - 2021, this is an opportunity to work with one of Maine’s most fun, innovative, collaborative and profitable businesses.

  • Quarterly wellness challenges

  • Charity stipends and volunteer opportunities

  • Casual Dress, every day

  • Flexible vacation and sick days

  • Ongoing Training Opportunities

  • Equity incentive plan

  • Andrew Wright

    Managing Content Coordinator

    “ Trueline is an exceptionally inclusive work environment. Everyone is here to help you improve, and the feedback and training is thorough and consistent. New ideas are not only encouraged, but asked for and acted upon, with credit always given. ”

  • Fatima Taha

    Staff Writer

    “ I couldn't have chosen a better place to ride the writing roller coaster of thrilling hooks and stomach-dropping edits. Evolving amongst colleagues, who share hilarious gifs and invaluable writing tips, is an exhilarating, daily adventure. ”

  • Shamus Alley

    Art Director

    “ So many companies talk about culture, but Trueline has built something truly unique. Our team is made up of people who love to dream big. When ideas are welcomed and collaboration encouraged, it creates an inspiring workplace (even virtually). ”